Hey Hola Spanish Policy 

HHS Privacy Policy explains the way we protect your privacy, including the collection, use and managing of data provided by students when they sign up for our services. By signing up for a trial lesson or subscribing to our email address, students agree with the process of collecting personal information. We collect potential students information of the following URLS:



In order to provide our students with the service of a trial lesson or a regular lesson HHS asks for the collection of personal information such as Name, Country, Age, Previous experience with Spanish, level of Spanish, linguistic motivations and Skype user. From this information only name and age are marked as mandatory to complete the lesson request. This information is necessary to establish a profile of the student and it is useful information for the tutors since it will allow them to know more about their potential students to design and prepare the lessons.

Additional information may be required depending on the modality to which students wish to access. Information such as linguistic motivations, destination and date of travel, suggestion of topic of conversation among others are optionally required for our tutors to prepare and design their lessons.

We do not collect information related to payments such as credit and debit cards or accounts. We do not demand personal information related to specific date of birth, race, sexual orientation or other intimate preferences.

When buying some lessons through the site we demand personal information that will allow you to pay for the service and use the booking system we provide. Your information is not shared with third or outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete that order.

HSS will no transfer personal data without permission except to the extent necessary when: 1a) we need to protect from liability or 2) to deal with legal disputes related to our services. HHS do not sell or transmit students personal identification information to others.

HHS offers some lesson packages that can be used with gift certificates. In this case and if the student requires it, extra information about the beneficiary of the class package will be requested. The use of this information is exclusive for the delivery of this gift certificate service.

HHS uses digital communication via email to make bookings of our services. Our tutors have access to the personal information provided by the students in their trial as well as the extra information they wish to share prior to their lessons. Before booking a class, the reservation system will request pertinent information for the tutor. Likewise, the tutor will establish direct contact via email to enable topics related to private lessons such as schedules, class changes, class adjustments, availability, class content and cancellations. We do not share any personal or extra information shared via e-mail to third parties or strangers.

Once you become part of HHS community you will receive offers, extra material and external links related to your learning process. By clicking the unsubscribe link in emails coming from us you are able to cut this interaction.

Please e-mail us to heyholaspanish@gmail.com if you would like to access to your personal or extra information hold by us or to remove permanently data from our platform.

 Children’s Privacy

HHS does not allow potential students under the age of 18 to schedule a class in our system. An adult over the age of 18 must enter our system and make the appointment for the potential student.

HHS has the permission to contact and establish a digital communication with the students from the moment they enter their data for a trial lesson. Signing up for a trial lesson gives us the permission to send you and share with you informations and services that we provide on the website.

HHS is able to update and change this privacy policy.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: