• Standard spanish
    15.99 USD
    This modality applies for students of all levels. For beginners and intermediates we use the e-book “Hey Hola Spanish”. The lessons and customize to all students and always with the guidance of each tutor.

Standard Spanish

  • Spanish for Travelers
    16.99 USD
    The coolest part of traveling through Latin-American and Spain: you only need spanish.

    Our teachers have traveled through Latin-American and Spain.  In this course, you will learn the basic spanish you need to travel and communicate with locals. We will cover the basic differences between the dialects and idioms that you need to be nice and be treated nicely. Learning the basic stuff its a plus to your trip.

    If you are an intermediate student we will concentrate on idiomatic expressions and cultural aspects.

Spanish for Travelers

  • Spanish for Business
    17.99 USD
    This course focuses on learning Spanish for efficient communication in the business area. Specialized vocabulary is studied to have a good performance in oral interactions such as meetings, dealings with the client and public speeches.

    This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, CEOS, and directors who seek to communicate with their managers, employees, and clients in Spanish.

    If you are a small entrepreneur, the course is ideal to learn the basics of Spanish and apply them in commercial exchanges with Spanish-speaking clients.

    Similarly, this specialized business course is aimed at professionals who work with Spanish-speaking colleagues or who work in an environment where Spanish is important.

Spanish for Business

  • Spanish for Kids
    17.99 USD
    This course works as a complement to the Spanish classes in the children’s school or as an initial approach to the study of the Spanish language.

    The didactic material used for this course is the result of teaching children between 6 and 12 years old for four years. It is designed to be used in Skype and focuses on vocabulary learning to encourage the child in the conversation.

Spanish for Kids

  • Spanish for DELE/SIELE/ECELE
    17.99 USD
    Our tutors have a lot of experience, preparing students with successful results. The tutors are certified in at least one of the languages of the Common European Framework of Reference and know the structure of the test.

    This course is a training for certification using the book “The new keys of the DELE” official material to pass the exam. This book is not included in the cost of the course.

    The course trains the four skills of the test, the tutor will be aware of all the activities that are marked in the book of the DELE for the preparation of the exam. Focusing more on oral interactions.


  • Conversation
    12.99 USD
    If you are an intermediate or advanced student, take an hour of conversation with a professional tutor. You can suggest a topic of conversation or use the material proposed by the tutor.

    The tutor will take note of your mistakes in the Skype chat to be discussed before the end of the session.