Hey Hola Spanish

Hey Hola is an online Spanish language School founded by a team of professional linguists. We teach Spanish to Students of all ages and leves in a modern and up-to-date way using Skype and digital media.

How Does it Work?

1.- Set Skype

2.- Download Material

3.- Choose Tutor

4.- Have a Trial

5.- Say Hey Hola!

Why Hey Hola Spanish?

  • The only online school with special material exclusively designed for Skype one on one tutoring.

  • The only online school with free Infographics for the lessons.

  • The only online school with a rewards program for beginners.

  • Linguists and avid travelers as teachers.


Via Botello

Via Botello

CEO & Founder

Hey Hola!

My name is Olivia Botello and I’m a linguist and profesional tutor specialized in Spanish language. I founded Hey Hola Spanish! after 10 years of experience teaching spanish to foreigners. I been doing this as a full time job for about 4 years now and I wanted to start a school designed for digital tutoring on line. That is why I wrote a special e-book designed for the Skype one on one tutoring. This is a result of teaching tons and tons of students all over the world with effective results. I wanted also to recruit only professionals with a solid linguistic background, being native is not enough to teach and explain how a language works.

In 2010 started a personal project to visit all Spanish speaking countries in the world, my first trip was a two week trip to Peru. Realizing how Spanish is a system shared by more than 24 countries still with differences was what encouraged me to become specialized with the language. Spanish is unique, no other language brings together such number of countries and shares such richness in dialects and culture.

I have a degree in Hispanic Linguistics and a master degree in Applied linguistics. I have a C1 in English, C1 in French and A2 in Chinese.

Come say hey hola to spanish!

Maria Fernanda Silva

Maria Fernanda Silva


My name is María Fernanda Silva. I graduated from UNAM, I made my major in Hispanic Language and Literature. I was linguistics’ teacher assistant in my University (UNAM), a very enriching experience. I have a great level in English and Italian and a basic knowledge of French and German.

Even though studying foreign languages is something I love doing, the language that I love studying the most is my mother language: Spanish. I truly want to open the doors to the Spanish to all speakers in the world. I‘m a passionate reader and writer. I enjoy watching theatre plays and acting in them too. I love traveling, I’ve travelled to many places in Mexico but also to some countries of America and Europe. By traveling I realized that I can understand my own country, my own language, my own culture in a better way, and furthermore I can achieve a better understanding of myself.

Erika Preciado

Erika Preciado


My name is Erika Preciado. I studied English Teaching at The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). My academic training as an English teacher has been integrally connected with linguistics.

I have been teaching English for three years in diverse academic settings and developing lessons for a wide range of students. I am very passionate about making a real difference to people’s lives through teaching. My mother tongue is Spanish, I am fluent in English and I have general knowledge of French, Italian and Russian. I hold TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test), and IELS academic certifications.

The first language I fell for was music; I play the bass and I am still trying to learn piano, I also adore poetry, especially Hispanic poets. I enjoy meeting new people and knowing different cultures, I love traveling. I have been to Europe (Spain, Belgium and France) and Canada, but what I enjoy the most is re discovering my own country. Mexico has such a wide diversity in cuisine, amazing landscapes and so much cultural and historical things to offer.

Citlali Vargas

Citlali Vargas


My name is Citlalli Vargas Contreras. I studied Communication in UNAM. I studied English for six years and Italian for two years and I took French for almost six years too. At the moment I’m studying Icelandic in a self-taught way via online course at the University of Iceland. Also, I have the TOEFL certification with 598 points. I have taught private English classes to people between 23 and 40 years old.

I enjoy reading novels, poetry, comics and essays. Also, I like writing tales, poetry and essays, so I collaborate with different digital media. In 2015 I published a book of poems based on films under the Malos Pasos publishing house called Los Versos Imaginarios. I also like taking long walks around the city, staying at home listening to music, going to the cinema, visiting museums and taking naps with my cat. I consider myself a curious, sensitive and imaginative person, who is always willing to listen to other people’s stories and learn something new from them.

I have traveled almost all over the country and it always amazes me to find that within a single nation there are so many forms of language that are part of the vision that each place has of reality.

Ana Lucia Ruiz

Ana Lucia Ruiz


Hello, I’m Ana. I hold a BA in English Teaching from the National Autonomus University of Mexico (UNAM) and I have taken several language teaching courses. Furthermore, I did a one-year internship teaching Spanish for foreign students at CEI FES Acatlán UNAM, and I have been teaching Spanish since 2015.

I speak Spanish as my mother tongue, English und ein bisschen Deutsch! Apart from languages, I’m also passionate about Biology, Geography as well as Ancient and Medieval History. I also enjoy reading fantasy and detective novels and playing videogames.

What I love most about my mother tongue is its regional variations across Mexico, Latin America and Spain. Also the fact that there’s no better way to get to know a culture than through the language they speak, and the Spanish- speaking countries are all different, fascinating and culturally rich.

As someone who loves travelling, I have been to many Mexican states. Abroad, I have been to England.

Diego Saavedra

Diego Saavedra


My name is Diego Saavedra and I majored in Enseñanza de Inglés at FES Acatlán. Spanish classes were also important for me during the major, I took several Spanish grammar courses that helped me understand the language in a semantic, pragmatic and syntactic level. I have been giving intermediate-advanced English classes to Spanish speakers for the last three years. I also have a German A1 level. I like to study languages and cultures, some of my future plans include traveling to Germany and Japan. But for the time being I’ll continue visiting different states in Mexico, which is a beautiful and extraordinary country.


“I opened a business in the Dominican Republic without any Spanish language skills. I tried taking a course at a local community college but the class size was so large I barely got any attention. With Hey Hola Spanish you get individual and personalized classes taught by native linguists. After two years I am beginning to converse and understand my employees. With Skype installed on my computer, iPhone and iPad I can pretty much have classes anytime and anywhere, it is like being able to take my Spanish classroom with me. If you want really learn Spanish, Hey Hola Spanish is the best option available.”

Paul L. Business Owner

“Before I began online video Spanish lessons with Olivia, I was learning by myself. I got to a level where I was familiar with a number of words, but forming sentences and taking part in conversations were skills that I wasn’t sure how to best start learning. Luckily, this is exactly what Olivia’s lessons focus on – every-day, applicable and practical Spanish.  As a student of languages herself, she understands how essential exposure to Spanish is for her students, and thus her lessons feature as much talking in Spanish and listening to Spanish as possible. Each one begins with greetings and with Olivia encouraging me to speak about what I’ve been up to in my life between lessons; an exercise that serves not only as a warm-up and as consolidation of what I’ve been learning in previous lessons, but also to set the tone of the lessons to relaxed and friendly.

We work from a textbook to provide a framework for the lessons, which has helped me begin to grasp basic grammar. The book is geared towards getting a learner to absorb the rules of Spanish through speaking about real life rather than doing dry grammar drills that aren’t necessarily relatable. Olivia takes the lessons from the textbook and gets me to combine the newly learned rules, words, and phrases to talk about my own life and personal interests, which of course is relatable and very helpful in internalizing those new rules, words, and phrases. Homework is also set using the textbook.  In summary, Olivia is a great teacher. She is warm, amiable, and encouraging, and her style of teaching makes for a thoroughly enjoyable way to learn Spanish.”

Greg Murray

“Olivia is such a great teacher. I am glad I have the chance to study Spanish with her. She is very knowledgeable and professional. Studying Spanish with Olivia is fast and efficient. Studying with her will definitely lead you to success.”

Iveta Radoeva